Eye Contact and its Importance in Dating

Geplaatst op 10-03-2023

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Eye contact is a very important tool when it comes to interacting with another person. But a lot of people, if not most, don’t make eye contact. Everyone should always make eye contact when talking and such with other people, but that’s not the same as just looking at someone then staring away the second they look back at you, and you know you are one that does that. Here’s some proof you can do yourself to show people avoid other peoples eyes when looking. On a bus or public place, stare at everyone, chances are they are looking everywhere but at each other. They will use ads that are up or papers that come free at some places to keep their eyes busy until they are where they need to be so that they never have to look at another person. Now, the reason for this is because once eye contact happens something extremely personal happens. The eyes are said to be the links into ones soul and mind, and that’s what it feels like when you stare into others eyes. You honestly get a feeling that you can tell what they are feeling and thinking once you stare at the eyes, and thus it is extremely personal. And it is by far the best way to meet a stranger and start a solid conversation, eye contact then a firm handshake.

Another thing is fear. People feel a sense of fear when staring at others in the eyes. That’s one reason why when your father is talking or yelling at you, you stare down or stare at his nose. Or why when you see someone you like you can never stare back for too long and need to look away. The reason is, is that when we stare into someones eyes, we want to avoid feeling rejected, so we look away so we skip that. We look away as a way to keep some self confidence.

One thing men do as mistakes when making eye contact with someone they like is that when they look away they make mental or verbal excuses as too why that was a mistake and she only stared back by mistake. Although this may be true, most the time its only in your head. And when you do that, the moment is lost, the motivation is lost. And once motivation is lost it won’t be coming back anytime soon, and some people will take it so hard that they will need a lot of spirit lifting before they try again.

So, people need to start know just how to look at others and then they need to learn how to interpret eye contact correctly. And so first you need to start looking at other people in the eye and getting used to it. Start with family and work your way out. There’s no point in staring at the ground and working your way slowly to their eyes when they aren’t looking at you. You need to learn to look at people, smile at them. Nice firm handshake and eye contact! Course you may only make a few friends but its better then what you were before that. Being shy won’t really get you anyone. The whole ‘love at first sight’ can’t happen as long as you don’t look at other peoples eyes. So start looking at making eye contact in your social life and see if something like that can happen.

Being shy happens, that’s another thing you’ll need to learn to get past, and like anything, it takes practice. You never know just how many people admired you or watched you because your eyes were always on the ground. So make eye contact and get your eyes off the ground. There’s a huge world out there and you need to be part of it!

And believe it or not, if by chance you are a very observant kind of person, the pupils will dilate, or get bigger, maybe just slightly but still bigger. That is, they will dilate if the person is attracted to you. Honestly I have no idea why but I plan on looking that up as soon as I’m done writing this article. They will of course also hold their gaze longer. So if its an across the room sort of deal, you need to make sure you return the glances of the ladies.

So, all in all, you need to get used to looking at these people and you need to make sure you keep and make deliberate eye contact with people you like or want to get to know better. Try it on a date, try it in a bar or in a shop, store or pretty much anywhere where you will have human contact. Try to hold this gaze of someone nice with a nice smile and see how they react, you may be very well surprised just how they will take it. If they want to start conversation you need to make sure you got a good handshake as well. And by keeping eye contact you activate one of the key ingredients to dating, which is confidence, as our earlier articles have explained before. Eye contact means you got confidence and so the more you practice eye contact, the better you will get at more then just getting dates. But keep in mind that no matter how good you are at things, there will always be people that won’t be attracted to you the way you would like them to be, so don’t expect every lady to stare at you. Don’t expect every glance to be returned. Get out there into the dating world with this new found knowledge to dating and getting peoples attention and use it! It’s meant to be known to be used. So good luck everyone.